You deserve an extraordinary life.

Here's how you get it. 

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On the surface, your life looks great. But…something’s missing. Perhaps you’re exhausted from your family, friends, colleagues. Or maybe you often feel depleted from prioritizing everyone else and ignoring your own needs. Are you searching for MORE---finding fulfillment, purpose or your unique mission in life? 

It’s your time now. It’s time to pay attention to what you want at this stage of your life. Who are you now? When’s the last time you took time for YOURSELF?

Life is too short to live according to someone else’s script; to coast in your relationships; to go years without the depth of love you yearn for; or to get stuck in a rut without ever knowing how to get what you really want at work, in life, and in love.

It's Time to Live and Love
As a Woman of Value!

What's a Woman of Value?

  • She knows and VALUES herself.
  • She is clear about her STANDARDS and how she wants to be treated.
  • She can express her FEELINGS and NEEDS with clarity and kindness.
  • She is PASSIONATE about life and says YES to opportunities that help her grow. 
  • She says NO to anything that doesn't ALIGN with who she is. 
  • She doesn't TWIST herself into a pretzel to PLEASE others.
  • She doesn't SECOND-GUESS herself about tough decisions. 
  • She lets go of anger towards others. She knows that FORGIVENESS helps her move on.
  • She has clear BOUNDARIES and is able to express them with grace and kindness. 

These are all skills you can learn, no matter what your history has been. And I'll show you how at the Woman of Value Live Retreat.

Fast-track your journey to a life that's vibrant and fully expressed. You'll be able to SHOW UP, SPEAK UP, AND STAND UP as a Woman of Value! 

Learn my unique step-by-step approach to reprogramming your beliefs, habits, and attitudes around love and intimacy in all your relationships at the Woman of Value Live Retreat!

Too many women are busy, busy, busy. They numb themselves with busy-ness. Too few are really filled with joy and authentic living.  

How often do you step away from your stressful routine to look at the things you are doing and the direction you’re taking?

The Woman of Value Live Retreat is your chance to truly rejuvenate, gain perspective, and design a vibrant blueprint for your life and all your relationships, beginning with your relationship with YOURSELF.

Occurring only once a year, I reserve this retreat for exceptional women. Women who are committed to living an extraordinary life that most people can’t even dream of. This is a completely immersive experience, tailored to dramatically increase success, well-being, and balance in every part of your life.

This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. If you know there’s another level for you, and you want the tools to get there, I invite you to be part of this life-changing experience.

Join me March 15-17 at the gorgeous Stamford Sheraton, only 45-minutes from New York City, easily accessible from 3 major airports.

Spend 2 1/2 days with me, and step into your true value. A woman of value effortlessly magnetizes the life and love she desires.
Where? At the beautiful Sheraton Hotel in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Only 45-minutes from Manhattan, conveniently located near three major airports and public transportation from nearby cities. ​
Who? An intimate group of women between the ages of 35-70 who are ready to love themselves more and truly own their worth.

What People Are Saying About the Retreat...



"My most significant results from attending last year's retreat:

1. My sense of self and awareness of my value have definitely strengthened. I’m way more confident in interactions with men, and I’m not afraid to show my vulnerable side in an empowered feminine way (as we learned at the retreat).

2. I recognized red flags early on during the dating process. I was able to say farewell lovingly to 3 prospects without any deeper involvement.

3. Discovered and transformed my disempowering and sabotaging beliefs about men and relationships. I’ve learned to show acceptance and give appreciation to men in any situation. Hence my formerly tense relationship with my father has simply bloomed.

And the most valuable result (drumroll here):

4. I’m in an awesome relationship with a man since August. He has all the qualities I’ve described I desired on the Retreat a year ago. He is consistent, caring, romantic, a provider and is present in my life. He was fully supportive of me during my recent knee surgery, and takes loving care of me, encouraging and complimenting me on a daily basis. He is younger than me, but I don’t care, since thanks to him I’m having the blessing to experience everything I always dreamed of but never received from a man. He really treats me as a woman of value.

So if you are on the fence about joining the Woman of Value Retreat, I’m asking you lovingly to give yourself permission to invest in your happiness. You are truly worth it. Sandy teaches you the way to manifest it."

Vidya, New York

“The mock dates we did with flirting and the feeling and needs inventory…I loved it!

I’m actually seeing men drool…you know, in a good way! It’s given me a glimpse into the kind of epic love that’s possible. I didn’t have that in the past before. I’m so looking forward to it now, because it feels like it’s within my reach!

Tünde, Hungary 

“This was the best decision of my life, coming over (from Hungary). I think that this program is mandatory for anyone who wants to have a happy relationship with a quality man.”

Amy, Connecticut 

“This was the best gift I could give myself, to be a woman of value. Sandy tried to understand each of our needs and has the content to meet each one of our needs. As women, we constantly want to improve ourselves, but how can we do it if we’re not aware of what to do? I like that Sandy gave us specific methods for how we can improve! I am sure this would be the best gift any woman could give to herself.”

At the retreat, you'll...

Gain more confidence in yourself.

You'll discover your full potential, focusing on what makes you unique and wonderful. You'll become more confident in expressing your true self in all aspects of your life, especially in challenging situations. 

Understand how to connect to what's most important.

I'll show you the differences between men and women so you can communicate better with men. You'll learn the most surprising mistakes women make in dating so you can immediately stop making them. Once you understand how to truly connect with men, your dating success will improve by leaps and bounds!

Break through barriers that are unconsciously
keeping you from the life you deserve.

We'll take a deep look at your blocks and the unconscious ways you're not letting your best life in. You'll experience a release like you've never felt before, where your guards melt and your heart reopens to the life you deserve.

Create a clear vision for your best life.

You'll create your unique vision for the life of your dreams. You'll gain clarity about what you need and want in life. It's your time now. Without clarity, it's hard to create a plan for what you want.

Design a life plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

You will leave the retreat with a plan to continue the beautiful work you've just completed. It's important to continue this process so you're ready and able to live and love a woman of value---with a new outlook on life and love. 

Here's What You'll Experience at the 

The Woman of Value Live Retreat​

2 1/2 days to transform your life!

November 3rd

Day 1 [9-5 PM]


Understanding and identifying the gaps in your life, and cultivating inner trust.

  • Build confidence in yourself and discover your unique gifts.
  • Let go of past pain and release the wounds, patterns and subconscious behaviors that sabotage your relationships.
  • Cultivate inner trust.
  • Learn to zap your saboteurs with a powerful exercise!
  • Create your unique vision for life and love.
  • Learn a powerful exercise to help you quickly connect to your highest 'Woman of Value' self, especially when you're feeling down.

November 4th

Day 2 [9-5 PM]


Identifying your SPEAK UP archetype, and learning how to communicate and set clear standards.

  • Identify your Speak Up Archetype.
  • Learn and practice effective communication skills for connecting with others.
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries with kindness and grace.
  • Practice your new skills with powerful exercises and role play.

November 5th

Day 3 [9-1 PM]


Formulating your unique life and relationship plan, and learning the keys to sticking to it. 

  • Learn daily practices and tools to keep you centered and optimistic on your journey to the best life possible---no matter the outside circumstances. 
  • Create your unique Woman of Value blueprint, so you don't get off track once you get home.
  • Q & A session
  • It's a wrap!

Is This Retreat Right for You?


  • Women over 40 who are motivated to grow
  • Women who aren't afraid to be open
  • Women who are willing to deepen their learning
  • Women who believe that love is their birthright
  • Women who love sharing in community and having fun!


    • Women under 40      
    • Women who blame men for all their love challenges
    • Women who want a quick fix or dating rules
    • Women who aren't open to learning 
    • Women who think there are no good men

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A Private Group Forum

Join the Woman of Value Live Retreat Private Facebook Group, where you'll connect with me and fellow attendees before, during, and after the retreat. 


1/2 hour of free coaching (Value = $275)

Special limited bonus for the first 5 who sign up. Let's get on the phone and coach before the retreat begins. You can share a struggle you have in dating or relationships, and jumpstart your journey towards becoming a true woman of value. 


Bonus Video 

Interview with Sherri Nickols on Boundaries

Watch this special interview about boundaries, which is one of the important things I'll be teaching you at the retreat. This is a deep, authentic, interview by relationship coach, Sherri Nickols. 


Woman of Value Book!

Get your beautiful copy of the limited edition Woman of Value e-book, with 30 tips to becoming a woman of value. 



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