Why Women Screw Up When They Really Like a Guy

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Women Screw Up

Discover why women screw up when they really like a guy, and learn how to stay calm and empowered throughout the dating process.

My radio guest, Dating Expert and Romantic Fairy Godmomma to smart, successful single women all around the world, Jenn Burton is known for magically ushering in stable, fun, witty, and insanely attractive men who will love, adore and romance you without expecting you to compromise your career, success, or authenticity.

After years of dysfunctional relationships and crappy dating experiences, Jenn decided to take matters into her own hands, and she developed a dating method for creating the most magical experiences that lead to love.

Highlights below for episode #294: Why Women Screw Up When They Really Like a Guy.

Why Women Screw Up When They Really Like a Guy


What is ‘Mantourage Dating’, and how does it help women not push men away?

It’s dating more than one man at a time until you find your forever love. Why? Many women are strong and ambitious, and they try to race to the finish line to marriage and love. When you enjoy the dating experience, it gives you power to define your boundaries and have the love you seek.

Many women meet a guy they like and shut down all other options before having a conversation about exclusivity. She focuses all of her attention on him, and men are not good at receiving the attention. Dating more than one man gives your time to decide if he’s right for you.


What in your past led you to the work you do today?

In my first marriage, we had an extraordinarily dysfunctional relationship. During a trial separation, I realized I had made the whole marriage about him, and it was doing nothing for me. I asked for a sign from God to let me know what to do. Three days later, a man asked me out on a real date. By dating him, I began to realize I was desirable and had options to explore in dating and love.

That’s when I had the courage to ask for a divorce. I fell hard for the man I had started to date. I began to hyper-focus on him, and when his attention waned, my focus got more intense and I pushed him away.

That’s when I decided to date several men at a time, and it was an empowering experience that opened me up to knowing things about love and romance that I didn’t know existed.

Why do you think women have the upper hand in dating?

When women understand that they have the upper hand, meaning the power they possess, they will see that men are stepping up. Men are wired to make women happy, but they can’t make us happy, only contribute to our happiness. Women are wired to be desired by a man she’s interested in. Use that energy to have fun and be playful and watch him fall in love with you.

Men have radar that can pick up when you’re desired by other men, which makes them want you more. You’re not dependent on him to make you happy. You have fun and enjoy life experiences and men.

Dedicate yourself to the experience of dating and not the goal of dating.

What’s a misconception women have about men?

The biggest misconception women have is that men have a certain ‘type’ in their head. The more he enjoys your company, you will become more beautiful in his eyes. Make your experience with him fun and joyful. That’s a great basis for chemistry.


How does social media hurt our dating life? 

Social media is a way to broadcast your insecurities. Don’t become friends on social media until you’re in a relationship. It can blow up in your face. Unveil yourself slowly instead of putting yourself in his face all at once.

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