Yes, there is Life After Divorce!

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life after divorce

Paula Peralta is living proof there is LIFE after divorce! Listen to this episode to hear how to tune into your inner knowing to create a life you love.

Want to create a life after divorce? After being laid off from a high-paying but exhausting job in project management – and divorce, Paula Peralta created a life she loves – and a six-figure income – by combining her natural talents with things that are fun for her. An Empowerment Expert, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Strategist as well as a Salon Owner and Celebrity Hair Stylist in Los Angeles, Paula believes you can have it all. She travels the world facilitating classes on Business, Money, and Creating a Life You Love and more. Her greatest joy is helping others find their true, unique path to happiness.

EP 396: Paula Peralta – Yes, there is Life After Divorce

Tell us about how your life changed after your divorce.

I chose to divorce when I asked myself, “If I were to be creating my own reality here, what would I create?” No white horse and prince to sweep me away!

After divorce, I stopped listening to the world around me, and asked what was true for me. I started creating and choosing what I wanted. 

Acknowledge that you have total choice to create your life. You are the source of creation of your life. If it’s true you can create your own life, what would you like to choose? Give yourself space to get it wrong. You can always choose something else. 

Do marriages or relationships need trauma and drama when they end?

You have choice. If you’re choosing trauma and drama, you’ll go down that route. In my divorce, I consciously uncoupled with my ex-husband. I can acknowledge his kindness and greatness, not trauma and drama and finger pointing to justify the end of the relationship. 

What are the 5 elements of intimacy?

Intimacy is created through these five elements:

  1. Honor. Hold someone in regard.
  2. Trust. How people show up. You can’t change them.
  3. Allowance. Willingness to see everything as an interesting point of view.
  4. Gratitude. Finding gratitude for that person, without judgment.
  5. Vulnerability. Have walls and barriers down.

Have intimacy with yourself first, and you will be able to create the space of possibility for someone to enter your life.

What tips can you share about dating after divorce? 

I learned the value of questions for myself like, ‘will it be fun, will it be easy, will they be grateful, will I learn something’. I ask myself the same questions about going on the next date. Follow your gut feeling about whether it’s right or wrong for you.

What final words of advice do you have for someone who wants to go on their last first date?

Be you. Just be you. You know what’s true for you. Follow your awareness. A relationship is a creationship. Look for someone who is bringing creative generative energy into your life. 

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