Your Social Circle vs. Your Romantic Relationship

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social circle1. How and why does your social circle influence your romantic relationship?

Your social circle plays an important role in your romantic relationship for two reasons.

One: if you don’t like each other’s friends, you’ll have to choose between your romantic partner and your friendships. That’s a hard choice to make, and you’ll probably regret giving up either. I believe you should choose a partner whose friends you like. It tightens the bonds with your partner.

Two: If you’re very reliant on your friends’ opinions about your boyfriends, you may end up breaking up because your friends disapprove. That’s not always a good thing, as the movie ‘Good Enough’ proves. Trust your gut and stay true to yourself, and you’ll end up being much happier in the long run.

2. What does being overly needy do to a romantic relationship?

Being overly needy kills a relationship. The healthiest romantic relationships are between two partners who know how to make themselves happy, who love and honor themselves first. If you rely on your partner to make you happy, you’ll end up resentful when he can’t please you. Neediness is a love repellant.

3. Why can neediness be the downfall of love?

Neediness is a downward spiral. No one can please you enough if you are fundamentally incomplete on your own. Jerry Maguire ruined it for so many by saying, “You complete me”. The best relationships are between two independent people who come together and complement each other.

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